My Spa or Hot Tub is leaking

My Spa or Hot Tub is leaking

The objective for a spa or hot tub is to hold water, move that water, and heat the water. Problems will occur if your pool, spa, or hot tub fails to keep the water in. Generally the leaking will be either a pump leak, leak at the heater, or a plumbing leak.

If the leaking allows the water level to get to low damage can occur to the heater and some of the other components. If the leak is at the pump motor then it will cause the motor bearings to go out and the motor to seize. If there is a plumbing leak then the dampness under and around the spa will invite pest of all kinds to live in your spa. Tihs is generally the most ignored type of leak.

Pump seals have a life expectancy of 3 to 5 years this range varies due to the chemical condition of your water. The better kept the water the longer most all the components in your spa will last. Pump seals in your pump motor will leak and the water then will follow the shaft of the motor back and it will get inside the motor itself causing damage to a expensive part, the spa motor. The seal itself is a relatively inexpensive part and if it caught early on the labor will also be reasonable.

I recommend that once a month you take the time to open up the equipment area if possible and look inside for any signs of water leaking. As the water leaks in this area there is a large amount of water in the air on the cabinet and this moisture will do damage to other components. Circuit boards are very susceptible to moisture in the air. I would like to let you know that a circuit board is generally very expensive and sometimes hard to come by. Other leaks can be in the heater and its connections and components such as the flow/pressure switch on the heater. This kind of leak is one that is most worrisome to me. It is a leak at on a metal tube that has 120/220 volts going to it.

Again you should be sure there is a properly working GFCI on your spa and hot tub. On every GFCI there is a Test Button. This button should be pushed once a month and the breaker should trip when you press it it should also then be able to be reset. If the GFCI breaker will not rest after testing or will not trip when pressing the test button. Turn off the breaker and call a spa professional to check it out.

Plumbing leaks are the hardest to track down and repair generally on your once a month check up on a dry day there should be no sing of moisture around the bottom exterior of the spa or hot tub. If any moisture and water is noticed you need to get the leak repaired. Not repairing this kind of leak as previously stated will be an invitation to insects pest like mice and pack rats and mold. There is no leak that should be ignored check your spa regularly and it will save you money in the long run.

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