Keep your parts working longer

Rodeo Spa’s LLC wants to be there for you and we would love the opportunity to be able to provide you with personal attention and assistance in keeping your spa and pool safe sanitary and working. Let us do the work so you have more time to spend with your family. With the added benefit of making your spa and pool to be less trouble. Good chemical maintenance will help to keep the parts working longer.

Reduce water usage by maintaining proper water chemistry. Water chemistry requires knowledge and must be tailor made for each unit and each yard. In the Tucson area we are well aware of how precious water is and you will be able to see less water used. We will provide better water quality and efficient use of the right chemicals.

Poor water chemistry can actually be somewhat harmful to the body and it is very important that sanitation be maintained to ensure that you immune system is not overwhelmed by the very thing that is to relax your body. Other factors such as alkalinity and ph cen leave you with reddened and dried cracking skin as your body has a ph it maintains your water should be maintained in a comfort zone that will not work against your own bodies natural balance. If the water ph is low or high it is harsh on your body removing precious oils that are need to keep your skin supple and healthy.

Spa and Hot Tub Service

Whether you are just moving into your home and need to know how it all works or you your spa has been a lifelong friend we are there for you to answer questions and provide service and products to keep it all working. Spa and hot tub filters, spa chemicals, start up kits all the things that make you equipment last. If you want to Upgrade to new equipment we can make it quick and painless adding value to your home and your entertainment area.

Call us for great customer care at (520)477-0741 to schedule your best spa repair experience ever.

“Rodeo Spas and Hot Tub Repair” wants to be your Repair Professional.