Spa and Hot Tub Parts

With so many different brands and models of spas and hot tubs available on the market even the most experienced company and technician can be overwhelmed. At Rodeo Spas we have found the necessary connections to locate and provide you with the parts you need at a the best prices available on the market.

Warranties that meet or exceed the manufactures warranty.

We provide these parts with warranties that will meet or exceed those the manufactures warranty. You could look online and find parts but the question you need to ask is will there be a warranty. Will it be honored and how much will it cost to get those parts installed if that warranty is honored and replacement parts are provided. The smart choice is to get your parts and service done be a reliable competent company that is able to ensure that your spa or hot tub is ready to provide you with years of fun and trouble free use.

Do it yourself or Let us do it

If you do wish to order parts and install them yourself we are here for you to answer questions and provide technical support. We can provide you with information that can be helpful in your endeavor, and help to ensure that it done right the first time.

Or if you prefer, one of our seasoned professionals can install it for you, all our work comes with friendly helpful service and Industry leading warranty.

Feel free to email us pictures of your parts and we will be glad to find the replacement parts that will work.

Call us for great customer care at (520)477-0741 to schedule your best spa repair experience ever.

“Rodeo Spas and Hot Tub Repair” wants to be your Repair Professional.