My Breaker is tripping

My Breaker is tripping

My GFCI breaker is tripping This is probably one of the most frequent calls a service tech gets. The Acronym GFCI stands for a Ground fault circuit interrupter. This breaker should not be removed to fix the problem and the ground should not be taken off of the GFCI or the spa to fix the problem. If the breaker is tripping it is tripping for a reason. Either is a short to ground. The electricity is leaking to the ground and is going to all the components and water.

Or the amperage being drawn by the spa exceeds the amperage the breaker is rated for. On occasion there will be a trip of the breaker due to an outside source bad electric from the electric company a voltage spike or lightening. The breaker acts like a fuse ensuring that if to much electric is fed in or leaves the breaker it will trip and protect the components.

Its secondary job is to watch for electricity that is leaving the main electric components and making it to the ground. This electric escaping wires, motors, or other components cause the breaker to trip. It is important to understand that electricity does not go away it just changes form.

So when I send electric to the spa the motor run and consumes the largest part of the electric to turn the remainder of the electric is found in the friction and the heat that the motor makes. What basically happens is a short to ground sends power into the ground and that will trip the GFCI breaker.

The same is true of a heating element or other component electricity making it to ground goes back the ground on the breaker and the breaker will trip. It is very important that a professional test the circuits and find the item that is leaking electricity. If you just randomly replace parts you will most likely spend a lot of wasted money trying to find the problem.

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