Top Tier Hot Tub and Spa Industry Technicians

Rodeo Spa’s LLC has some of the finest spa repair technicians in the industry. They have been factory trained and have worked in the industry for over 20 years, from wholesalers helping technicians in the field to resolve there toughest issues to everyday questions like when should shock my spa, Rodeo Spas can help you.

The need for good qualified trained and competent service professionals in the the Tucson area has been a a concern for us and we have put together a team of professionals that can work together to provide our customers with great service or maintenance on hots Spas and Pools.

We are Tucson’s Hot Tub & Spa Repair Experts

For over 20 years we have been worked across the United States solving some of the toughest issues in the Pool and Spa Industry, this has provided us with experience others just do not have in the field. Some areas of the country may see more of one type of spa and others a different spa is king. Since we have worked in across the U.S. in major metropolitan areas we have earned our right to say we have the most knowledgeable service personal in the area.

Repair isn’t just about getting it fixed, it’s about treating the customer right during the whole process.

--Dave Bullis (Rodeo Spas Owner)

Generally our customers have one of 4 needs

Which ever category you fall into you can be assured we will do our best to give you great service.

  • Service or repair.
  • Maintenance and weekly care.
  • Parts and supplies.
  • Startup Help and Information on How things work

Call us for great customer care at (520)477-0741 to schedule your best spa repair experience ever.

“Rodeo Spas and Hot Tub Repair” wants to be your Repair Professional.