Hot Tub Damage Repair or Replacement?

Who can repair my Baja Spa?

Among many notable brands, Baja Spas is one of the pioneers in the Hot Tub and Spa industry. They took pride in not focusing on the number of hot tubs sold but the quality and durability that came along every single pool. Just after its conception in 1972, Baja Spas became one of the industry's most trusted brands. A huge percentage of their sales are local purchases, given the fact that they are manufactured in Tucson. Their going out of business recently left hundreds, if not thousands of households with aging hot tubs, longing for good Baja Spas repair and new replacement parts.

A few years ago, you may have invested in a hot tub for those moments when you need to relax from a day's tedious office work. For the days when you want to feel like a royal and take a dip in the warm, bubbly water along with a glass of finely aged wine. What is better than a piece of a resort just within the bounds of your own home?

Hot tubs should last you 10-15 years, given pristine maintenance. However, hot tub diagnosis and repair is not for everyone. So, if you want to make sure your tub gets the proper attention it deserves, keep on reading.

Hydrotherapy dates back to the ancient Egyptians and Romans. During the same era, some evidence points out that water-dipping was also prevalent in Asia's eastern parts, such as Japan and China. The people initially reserved such an experience for the people in the upper echelons of society. Still, as time passed, it has now become a more common form of relaxation, reachable to even you and me.

The urge for that bubbly massage has been an ongoing human craving for hundreds of generations now. Hippocrates, a Greek physician and one of the most outstanding figures in medicine, documented his use of hydrotherapy. Now what could be more disappointing than getting yourself ready to be immersed in that bubbly pool—and then finding out your hot tub is not working correctly?

Your pool may need some repairing for one or many compounding reasons such as faults with the heater, the jets, the control panel, and the pumps. Whatever it is, there are experts here in Arizona to look at it for you. But to narrow down the probable reasons, here is a quick checklist for you to keep nearby.


Sometimes, finding the source of leaks in your tub is not the most straightforward task. It is best to start looking with an empty hot tub, slowly filling it, and checking for holes or cracks starting from the water source. Baja Spas are not full-foam insulated pools, but for those spas that are, it would be much more convenient. All you have to do is remove all the wet foam until you spot the source of the leak.

Are there visible holes or cracks on the surface of your tub? If so, sometimes, a quick trip to the hardware store for a suitable sealant will do the trick. But it can get far more sophisticated than that.

Leak coverage and repairs may cost you a few hundred dollars to even as much as $2,000, depending on the extent of damage and other factors such as damages in the shell, rails, and cabinet. It is best to occasionally hire a repair person to check for weaknesses in the tub and the plumbing before becoming holes both on the tub and in your pocket.


Baja Spa boasts the engineering and architecture behind its pumps, which was the most efficient on the market—built to reduce energy costs without compromising performance.

Apart from powering the jets, the pump handles water circulation in your pool. Once you hear your pump humming more loudly than usual, reach out to one of our service professionals. Another sign to look for is variances in temperature in your tub. You may notice that the water is not getting hot enough, or it may be too hot. Periodically check for leaking pumps seal or worn bearings.

Sometimes, issues may also root out from a defective capacitor. A trained spa technician should be able to figure out if this is the cause of your problem.

A hot tub can have multiple motors and pump, and can last you 6-8 years. Their replacement ranges from $200 to over $1,000. It will vary with the model and type of your motors, and how many motors need to be replaced.


You will know you need your heater repaired or replaced when some spots appear to be broken or burnt. There could also be incoherencies between the digital thermostat on your spa controller and the actual water temperature. Or some areas in your pool may feel warmer than the others.

According to some experts, if you frequently use your hot tub (twice or more in a week), it is better to keep the heater running to save on your electricity bill. It is because keeping your hot tub warm 24/7 is more energy-efficient than regularly reheating cold water. Unless you will be away for more than a week or two, keep your tub warm and cozy for the next dip.

Cleaning or replacing your filter now and again will also save you money in the long run. Proper filter care and maintenance significantly reduce the possibility of clogging and overheating.

Compared to the spa itself, heaters have a shorter life span of about 4-5 years. The replacement price can range from $300 to $1,000.

Jets and Blowers

A hot tub deserves the praise and attention it gets because of its jets and blowers. Without these parts, your hot tub cannot give you that tingling yet very relaxing massage experience. I bet that feeling is one of the main reasons you own a hot tub. And like all other parts of the tub, the jets and blowers are subject to wear and tear.

One of the most common issues owners have with their tub jets is called an 'Air-Lock,' created from uneven water pressure. 'Popping' sounds from the jets, and inconsistencies in the blower and jet speed are all signs that your tub might be experiencing an air-lock. This often happens after draining and cleaning your spa.

If you notice these signs, your jet may need some repair or replacement parts, so go ahead and give a call to Rodeo Spas. If you are buying spare parts, make sure they match the plumbing connection, plug type, and voltage. Since Baja Spas went out of business recently, their brand jets are no longer available. However, we offer jets that are entirely compatible with your Baja Spas Spa. These can cost you $75 to $250.

Spa Controller

The spa controller, also known as the control panel, is the brain of your pool. It is responsible for running the pump, jets, heaters, and lights of your tub. A feature available in newer models lets you know when a troubleshooting part of the tub is necessary. Once an error signal appears, try resetting your spa controller first by turning it off and waiting for about half a minute, then turning it back on. If the error code continues, go ahead, and give a call to Rodeo Spas. It is possible that a bad censor is miscommunicating with your circuit board, which controls how the information is processed. Our trained technicians will quickly diagnose the problem and let you know what is best for your pool and budget.

Spa controllers can last you ten years, and replacement usually ranges from $500 - $1,000. But once replaced, your spa will be upgraded to today’s standards which could include WiFi connectivity.

Spa equipment control system replacement will guarantee that your hot tub is just as smart as the recently released spas. This way, you will be able to control the temperature of your hot tub from your phone wherever you are. You can heat it up on your way home or just monitor the thermostat on your phone even when you are at work. How cool is that?

Most Common Spa Issues

Did you know that more than 60% of hot tub problems are caused by rodents living in your hot tub?

Yes, you read that right. The moisture and the heat of your spa offer free, high-quality real estate for rodents who cozies up in dark, moist holes. Not-so-fun fact, mice teeth never stop growing, so they have a constant need to gnaw on things to keep their teeth in proper length. When they live inside your hot tub, your wiring and plumbing could be their next chew-toys. And it just so happened that about 35 years ago, wire manufacturers shifted to soybean-based insulation to achieve sustainability. For rodents, it’s free housing and free food.

Of course, you can keep Mickey and his crew away from your hot tub simply by making sure there are no holes and cracks (mice can squeeze through holes quarter an inch in diameter) and installing night lights. Mice don’t like being exposed to light as it makes them vulnerable to their predators.

You can ask our hot tub care professionals for more tips on how to avoid rodent infestation.

To Conclude Our Spa Repair Journey

Your Baja Spa's main purpose is to relieve you of stress and should not be the one causing you stress. Sometimes, an excellent question to ask yourself is, "Should I get my hot tub repaired or replaced?" The short answer is: you have invested considerable money into the purchase; replacement should be the last choice. Good thing, with proper care, you’ll only spend an average of $400 for all equipment repair every two years.

It is still best to spend some time each week checking for possible hot tub problems. Keep spare filters and chemicals on hand as they may become convenient on days when your pool suddenly decides to act up. Getting a quality repair person to check things for you from time to time will save your future from tons of trouble and, ultimately, money.

We at Rodeo Spas specialize in diagnosing, restoring, and maintaining your Baja Spa with proper care. If you are in Tucson, AZ, or surrounding areas, we can take a good look at your hot tub for you. Feel free to call us at (520) 477-0741

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