Murky Hot Tub Water: Why it Happens and 5 Ways to Fix it

Hot tubs are indeed a great investment for relaxation. Some problems may arise every now and then. Still, as long as your spa is maintained properly and regularly, major damages are less likely to be expected. But even the most immaculately maintained tubs get their water murky or cloudy from time to time. There are many reasons as to why this is happening, but one thing is for sure. It can be solved, and it can definitely be avoided.

There are five main reasons why the supposedly crystal-clear water gets disturbed. It can turn our hopes of relaxation into worries that the water may be dirty and cause infections. In this blog, we will be closely looking at each one and identifying how to avoid encountering such again.

1. Balance the Chemistry

It's no secret that, like a regular pool, the water in hot tubs requires chemicals to be maintained. Alkalinity and pH levels are the main measures of a hot tub's chemical balance. Alkalinity is the number of substances such as carbonates, bicarbonates, and hydroxides in your water. At the same time, pH scales the actual acidity of the water.

The sweet spot for alkalinity should be around 80-150 parts per million, while your water's pH level should be just approximately 7.2-7.6. Any number below or above can cause your hot tub's water to get cloudy and even cause skin irritations.

To avoid this, all you have to do is measure your water's pH level with a test strip. If there are imbalances, add your chemicals, turn the pump on for about 10 minutes, and test again. Repeat the procedure until you achieve the balance. Take note, however, that if your water requires a huge amount of chemicals to be balanced, it would be better off drained and refilled.

2. Check the Source

Although it sounds obvious, the culprit is sometimes the main source of water. The cloudiness in the water can be the metal components from the plumbing, especially if you fill your spa with tap water. To know, fill a clear bucket with water from the source and closely inspect if the water is indeed murky.

If this is the problem, a good hose filter can save the day. But, if this is recurring, a trained plumber should check your water lines and piping.

3. Clean Filters Regularly

Good news! The most common factor affecting your water's clarity, the filters, can be easily cleaned out or replaced. For many hot tub models, the control system interface even notifies its owners when the filters need attention before it can cause more serious problems like overheating bacterial breeding.

Cleaning your filters with your garden hose at least once a month will keep debris at bay. Still, if you the time, you can use specialized chemicals to clean the filters and cartridges to further ensure clean and clear water.

4. Rinse Before You Dip

Yes, sometimes, the cause of the water getting unclear is us. Day by day, we put many products on our bodies, such as lotions, moisturizers, perfumes, and hair gel. These chemicals contribute to your hot tub's cloudiness heavily. Not to mention, all throughout the day, tiny particles of dust and smoke stick to our bodies which then find their way to the hot tub as we take a dip.

Before you enjoy your spa, take a shower. Perhaps while it's heating up. Encourage others to do the same, and the probability of getting your water murky will be lower. Extra tip: Ensure no one is wearing fabric that bleeds its colors in warm or hot water.

5. Call Us

If nothing seems to work, we will take a look at it for you.

Your murky water can be caused by other components in your spa system that need to be repaired or replaced ASAP. The opacity of the water can be one of the early signs of its damages. We are trained professionals who can take a look at your hot tub, and we'll fix it for you.

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Photo by: Sharon McCutcheon

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