I Smell Smoke From My Hot Tub

Emergencies take place, no matter how much we don't want them to. The worst thing anyone can think of is being unprepared in the case of a disaster. Emergencies can happen anywhere, even in what we think are the safest places in our homes, including our hot tubs.

In and unlikely event that you smell smoke coming from your hot tub, immediately turn it off.

An emergency hot tub shutoff button must be installed within 5 feet of your spa and must be clearly labeled.

If you spot an electrical fire, make sure not to quench it with water as it may electrocute you. Since water is a great electricity conductor, it can also spread fire and ignite other flammable materials. Electrical fires are considered Class-C fires, and an appropriate fire extinguisher must be used to put it out. Good thing, most home fire extinguishers are multi-purpose and are labeled ABC. Surprisingly, your baking soda can be used to kill an electrical fire, as long as the fire is yet small and you have enough baking soda (or sodium bicarbonate) to smother it with.

If you cannot contain the fire, immediately call 911 and get out of the premises. Close the door as you leave, and do not re-enter until firefighters declare it is safe to do so. Otherwise, if you feel you have already contained the situation, contact your insurance company and trained spa professionals while monitoring the situation. Remember, if you are in Tucson or somewhere close, you can give us a call at (phone number).

Generally, there are three main possible sources of smoke or fire in a spa: the heater, the motors, or improper wiring and connections with the electricals and the controls.

The heater can generate smoke if it is turned on with little to no water.

If there is no water in the spa and your motors keep spinning in a dry environment, it may cause the wires and the motors themselves to short and burn. This can be avoided by ensuring your spa always has proper amounts of water and your filters are clean or unclogged, as they may restrict proper water circulation in the tub.

If all things are working correctly, it may be the wires and loose connections. Metal wires expand when warmed up and shrink when cooled down. When this is repeated over a long time, it causes the wire connections to loosen up and can be the source of smoke or fire. Since it is loose, it will not be able to conduct electricity well and then heat up over time, damaging your circuit breaker in the process.

The events described above are localized and simply just failures of a single component. In the event of a larger failure, which can damage the whole spa and your house: remember to keep your head clear, turn off the electricity source, and call 911.

These possibilities can be minimized by calling a trained hot tub specialist regularly for check-ups.

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Photo by: Jalen Hueser

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