My motor sounds loud

My motor sounds loud

My motor sounds loud The motor on your Pool, Spa, or Hot Tub is designed to run for long periods of time. There are two reasons that it will sound loud and maybe even cycle on and off at will.

The first is the bearings in the motor may have gotten water inside them this causes them to rust and corrode. Although these are replaceable parts i.e. the bearings generally by the time they become damaged there will be other issues arise. A experienced spa and hot tub technician will be able to look over the entire motor and give you a recommendation of whether the motor can be rebuilt or if the pump and or motor needs replaced.

The second problem with a motor can be the delivery of high and low speed power at the same time. A stuck relay or a contactor in the control has failed and both speeds receive power. This sound is usually described as the sound of a freight train. It is basically caused as the low speed tries to run slow and the high speed tries to run fast. They are working against each other and if allowed to continue this problem will burn out the motor very quickly. In the end you will end up replacing both your motor and the control board or replays contactors etc. if it is allowed to continue even for a short time.

Take the time to listen to your spa on occasion as it is running know what it sounds like and it will help you to understand when something is wrong.

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