I smell smoke

I smell smoke

It should go without saying turn off the spa the worst thing you can do is to apply water to any kind of electrical fire. After turning off the breaker* If the Fire is not in the GFCI Breaker box* Verify that there is no longer additional smoke coming out of the unit. If the fire is in the GFCI box then turn off the main breakers of the house panel.

If you are confident that the situation has now been contained monitor the situation for a period of time and contact your insurance company and a spa professional. If you feel that it is not contained contact 911 immediately.

Generally there are 3 possible sources of smoke and or fire in a spa. The heating element is able to produce large amounts of smoke if the spa has turned on with low water or no water in it. The motor can have issues which would create smoke. This can be if there is no water in the spa and the impeller is spinning in a dry wet end chamber or the windings in the motor are shorting and burning. If all things are working correctly then the spa would usually trip the GFCI breaker at this point. The last possible reason is connection problems with electrical or the controls. On rare occasions the wire connections in your GFCI box can become loose after time. The wires being made of metal will warm up and expand and cool and contract. This action repeatedly can loosen the terminal screws that hold the main power wires into their connection. Loose connections are basically heater making heat. A heating element is made by taking a piece of metal which does not move electric very well and pushing electric thru it. This will produce heat if you put this theory to a loose connection you will understand why loose connections heat up. They simply are not moving electric and have resistance to the electric flow.

Generally these events are localized and are simply the failure of one component. In the event of a larger failure you can have extended damages and even fire in the spa and the house connected. Keep a clear head and remember turn off electric first.

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